Why eLearning Can Transform The Ordinary Pinoy

Education is rapidly changing. Technology, new business models, new competition and change and competition are all the rage and education is no exception.

Elearning is the answer to current entrepreneurial concepts, online startups and projects. Today there’s no company that has created a simpler, cultural and direct education, and there isn’t any Filipino who would not agree of it’s benefits.

Enter eSkwelaOnline -the platform.

Education has the largest learning marketplace online. It’s a global marketplace of free and paid edX schools. But, education is not just another industry, it’s a human endeavor. When educators create education content for their learning goals and students use the content for learning, they are investing in building a better future for themselves and for their children.

Investing in yourself

eSkwelaOnline is built on the concept that filipinos should invest in themselves using proven, techniques, hacks that local industry leaders have been using and in any topic.

We believe education is now changing beyond the classroom. Our mission is to reinvent the learning experience so we are transforming educational technology and making it culturally simpler and direct.

We’ve designed eSkwelaOnline to be a modern classroom experience that is empowering for both educators and our users. We believe education technology is going to change in the next decade and our vision is to lead the way to bring education technology to every pinoy.

We built eSkwelaOnline in a way that is easy to understand for learners, easy to create and easy to integrate with other tools and resources in existing curricula.

The goal is to drive innovation and creativity in elearning through a new and evolving technology platform that is focused to deliver the best experiences possible. From learning through learning, we are building a technology platform that is aligned with educating pinoy, and is the only modern education experience built to deliver the best learning experience yet.

We’re excited for the opportunity and hope more people will be inspired to build courses for eSkwelaonline. Join the mission and build for eSkwelaOnline now!

We think eLearning is the next big thing to help transform peoples lives specifically those of pinoys, would’nt you agree?

She has been working online,remotely for the past 20 years, managing the premium domain assets for one of the worlds top domainers. She is COO of Contrib.com and Zipsite.net

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