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Snapcart operates a mobile application that gives shoppers cashback for scanning their receipts while we collect massive amount of purchase data, analyze and offer to brands on a real time basis with shopper rich information.

Snapcart – Snap Receipts, Get Rewards - Apps on Google Play

How much can you earn from your receipts?

What type of receipts does Snapcart accept?

  • Receipts for groceries, medicine and cosmetics ( not perfume)
  • Maximum transaction date on the receipt is 3 days ago
  • Items purchased are for personal use only or from the same household and not for resell.
  • Real receipts and are not modified nor duplicated
  • Only printed receipts are accepted, not handwritten
  • Snap your receipt from your country
  • Do not split a single purchase to make multiple receipt.

Tips and tricks for faster receipt verification

Make sure to follow these so your receipts get verified faster. The quicker your receipts are verified, the quicker you get cash back.
  • All parts of receipts are readable
  • All parts of the receipts are captured
  • Receipts are snapped in a bright environment
  • One receipt only for one snap
  • Snap receipts within the red box
  • Receipts should be in good condition , not crumpled nor torn.

How to Cash Out

Just follow the following steps:

1 : Click on CASH OUT link.

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