How to Fix “Did not Connect : Potential Security Issue” On Your Site

How to Fix "Did not Connect : Potential Security Issue" On Your Site

It’s a Sunday and it’s supposed to be your rest day but you wanted to check out your site and do some personal work. But what happens if you are greeted with this error page?

When you create your site especially if it’s your first time, all of these tech words still seem a little too foreign for you. Tech jargon nosebleed. Right?

Now what is this error? Let’s point out the root of the error first.


This is a specific ssl issue, it just means that your sites security socket layer (ssl) certificate needs to be re-issued. So simply put, you need to get a certificate re-issued.


One of the valid causes of this error is because of free ssl limitations. So yes, you need to get your costs down and do not want to buy a business ssl certificate so you turn to the free ones which is fine, don’t get me wrong but it does have it’s limitations. It will only be valid for 3 -6 months.


Follow these steps to get your free ssl and your site back to https 🙂

Step 1 . Go to your cpanel. You might want to switch to Chrome browser for this.

Step 2. Create an

When you’re inside your Cpanel dashboard, you need to create an admin@ whatever your domain is because that’s needed to get your certificate issued.

Step 3. Go to

On another tab go to and create an account or renew your account.

Follow the steps from this video and proceed next to installing your certificate which is the final step.

Step 4. Install your certificate

After checking and following these steps. I’m pretty sure everything will work out. If not, it might be another issue. But till then, let me know if this fix/hack worked for you!


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