Digital and Free Online Courses for the Modern Filipino

Kailangan po namin ng konting oras ninyo


My name is Maida and I reached out to you via any of our channels – social and email.

We need your input as we build this Online Learning Platform for the Modern Pinoy.

Ang vision namin dito is to help pinoys in terms of self-education in Tagalog and English, on a wide variety of topics such as :

  • digital marketing,
  • web development,
  • music theory and composition,
  • modern finance,
  • ecommerce,
  • social media management and strategy,
  • health and nutrition,
  • online stocks education. etc.
  • languages

And this will be available for all types of industries with local mentors and instructors from the Philippines and from other parts of the world.
Medyo nangangapa pa kami ang we are looking for partners and konting time from modern pinoys na kagaya mo.



Maida Barrientos

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