Technology Hacks to Improve Workplace Productivity

Technology Hacks to Improve Workplace Productivity

There is no secret that pulling together a collaborative and productive team could be a challenging mission. In fact, sabi sa stats, mahirap na ngayon to increase overall team performance maybe because we have a lot of distractions. One major distraction is social media.

But the good news is that businesses can influence and revamp their productivity in many ways. For instance, they can do it with the help of technology. In this webinar, we will dive into how application software, artificial intelligence, and plugins meet the productivity needs of employees and businesses all around the world.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Workplace Productivity (Plus Product Suggestions)

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  • Collaboration and Communication Apps  We all know that effective communication is crucial for team productivity. At the same time, some companies are often on the fence about investing their time and efforts into software that improves team communication. That’s resulted in whopping losses for business owners — companies with 100 employees throw to the wind an average of $420,000 per year because of miscommunication. Luckily, the market offers many advanced technological solutions for businesses of all sizes: team messengers, video conferencing apps, and everything in between that can dramatically boost internal communication and — as a result — team productivity. Here are a few. 0/7

  • Project and task management software  Have you ever had a project delayed while you desperately searched for a needed document? Had a laptop crashed with all important files? Needed some assets sent but had a teammate stuck working offline? Having all your projects, assets and milestones in sync and easily accessible can significantly improve overall team performance and be a bold competitive advantage. Therefore, there is no surprise that today companies run 79 percent of their workloads in the cloud. So, no matter what size or industry your business is related to, the project management tools listed below will greatly enhance your team productivity and collaboration. 0/5

  • Team Meetings Remote and In person  A weekly virtual team meeting is a great way to bring everyone together on a regular basis, so everyone can catch up and get on the same page. This helps prevent “siloing,” especially on larger remote teams that aren’t just three to five people. People in different business functions can kind of end up splitting off into “subteams,” or just working on their own without much contact with any of the other team members. For example, you might have a remote copywriter who works directly under your marketing coordinator, who’s also remote. But they never really need to communicate much with you (the owner), or with your lead web dev, or with the VA that handles your bookkeeping and data entry. When two workers’ respective roles don’t bring them into much contact with each other, there’s a sort of an isolation that can take hold. On smallish teams, this can be an issue. In a massive company, Bob in the fifth floor marketing department, containing 25 people, doesn’t need to know anything about Jenny in on the eighth floor in the 50-person accounting department. But in a small team of just a couple dozen people at most, that kind of lack of contact can make a difference psychologically. Regular company-wide meetings can easily be put together using only virtual tools like Skype, and it’s a great way to subtly reinforce everyone’s sense of being on a team and belonging to a culture. That kind of thing can make a surprisingly big difference psychologically, helping boost people’s sense of contentment and satisfaction with their job. 0/6

  • Design Apps  0/8

  • Inject Fun Stuff  Integrating fun into the workplace increases productivity and reduces stress. Moreover, companies with ‘fun policies’ indicate greater job satisfaction and increased employee loyalty. So don’t be afraid to inject some fun into your team workflow. That will only ramp up the overall productivity, not kill it. 0/2

  • Browser Addons and Extensions  0/5

  • Business Automation  BUSINESS AUTOMATION isn’t only for big enterprises. Everyone can benefit from a few simple automation hacks. As the Twitter Officer Michael Coates bluntly put it, “Automate or die.” We all have those tasks that we’d rather postpone to the future unknown. When tedious and repetitive tasks tend to take the best of your time, your creative work suffers. But it doesn’t have to! Automating boring tasks with professional services automation (PSA) can save you countless hours (and nerves!) In fact, according to a survey, a whopping 98% of organisations use some form of PSA, whether it’s for: enhancing the customer experience (61%) increasing productivity (59%) sharing knowledge (52%) delivering new products (46%) The good news is you haven’t missed the boat… Yet. So let’s get started! 0/18


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