Covid19 has struck the globe worldwide at an alarming rate. It has singlehandedly created a turmoil on brick and mortar businesses thus affecting millions of people working daily for their families.

What we are about to do is to test and check all the things that you can do daily to make a living online while you’re in quarantine.

Google is not at all helpful in this situation. You  might spend at the least a week to filter all the rubbish but thankfully you have me to help you  make you a passive income, online and fast.

But banking on my experience, and I think you can call me an expert on making money online since I have been doing it for 20 years, there are only 5 things you can do to REALLY make money online, fast, now at this instant. But let’s check your requirements first.





Course Content

Total learning: 32 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 3 days


Maida Barrientos
Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, Cornell

She has been working online,remotely for the past 20 years, managing the premium domain assets for one of the worlds top domainers. She is COO of and


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