Efficient Social Media Management Using Free Tools

Effective social media management using free tools

Course Description:

This special course is essential to those who are working with responsibilities of posting to a WordPress site, and to a brand’s social sites efficiently using just email to post.

Requirements :

You need to be able to to have access to a gmail account, a wordpress site and your brand’s social accounts.

Course outcome:

  • You will be able to post to your sites and social accounts instantly
  • You will learn how to schedule your posts by using email
  • You will learn what free tools and plugins to use


Course Content

Total learning: 4 lessons Time: 1 day


Maida Barrientos
Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, Cornell

She has been working online,remotely for the past 20 years, managing the premium domain assets for one of the worlds top domainers. She is COO of Contrib.com and Zipsite.net


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  • mindy


    Great content ! Simple and to the point talaga!

    Thank you for the sweet free tool! I thought di kasi libre, now I know better :)

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