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How to Create A Professional Cover and Profile Photo

SECTION 2 : How To Create a Killer Cover Linkedin Profile

STEP 1 : First you need to use my secret design tool that will help you create professional graphics for anything on the web, online, and for free. Yep.

Right now, you need to create an account here if you have’nt already!

STEP 2 : Then go to Linkedin Banners to check out what pre-made templates you can use. You just need a simple cover profile that describes you in a nutshell.

STEP 3 :If you know drag and drop, then this is going to be too easy for you.

LinkedIn gives you the ability to add a background or banner picture to the top card section of your profile, which adds to the professional look and feel of your personal profile and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Use this opportunity to personalize your profile to represent you and your business. You could add in your company branding or a motivational quote, for example, but don’t leave it as the generic background. I would also suggest that you update the background picture regularly to prevent it becoming stale.

Remember, a picture speaks a 1000 words and your background picture can and will talk for you. You have control over what it says.

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