How to Build Your Killer LinkedIn Profile & Get 190% More Job Offers and More Leads

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Get More Job Offers using Your All Star Linkedin Profile

It doesn’t matter if you are using LinkedIn to look for a job, network with other members in your industry, or gathering leads for your business, have a professional and attractive LinkedIn profile is the best way for you and your business to ensure that you are being found by the right people, at the right time.

When you create a LinkedIn profile, it is important to remember that if you want to get noticed by the right people, you have to write for your audience, as opposed to writing for yourself. Your profile should not be focused on boosting your ego, but rather on showing your expertise in a way that will get your target audience to say to you, “I’d like to know more about who you are and what you do.” Ultimately, your LinkedIn profile is about your personal and professional branding.

Your company profile on LinkedIn is the basis on which all your communication and interactions on the networking platform are built, as well as being the foundation of your personal brand. When all is said and done, your LinkedIn profile should provide you with some quick wins, and an ample number of opportunities to build many long-term business relationships.


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Maida Barrientos
Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, Cornell

She has been working online,remotely for the past 20 years, managing the premium domain assets for one of the worlds top domainers. She is COO of and


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Everything you need to know to create a killer LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed is in this Linkedin Masterclass.

As a business owner, if you want to generate more leads and increase sales, then you have to get your name in front of potential customers, and there is no better way to do that then creating a killer LinkedIn profile and staying active on the site. With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for businesses who want to expand their marketing message and connect with more people who are interested in what they do.

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