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100 free ecourse slots

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.”

― Arthur C. Aufderheide

If you’re a student, then probably you have felt that the current pandemic has broken down a lot of what you have been used to as normal. But if you’d think about it, the same pandemic also allowed for the rebuilding and reconnecting through the virtual world.

Out of the lockdown and isolation, ONLINE has emerged as the “new normal” paradigm to where work, education, business, communication, and even socialization have shifted.

Here at EskwelaOnline, we aim to connect and equip modern Pinoy students like you with vital digital learning to gain knowledge and skills for the “new normal” paradigm.

Our course offerings recognize the resiliency of every modern Pinoy student to adapt to the new normal and, with tempered determination, eventually thrive as an empowered, productive contributor in the Digital Industry.

We believe that committed and determined modern Pinoy students are worth the time, effort and resources being invested, because being part of success stories is what drives EskwelaOnline’s passion and purpose!

That is why we are offering our five-day WordPress Course to such modern Pinoy students for FREE – ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! – per the following conditions:

  1. Like and share this post to as many as possible (copy-paste the post hashtags into your own post).
  2. Have your shared post liked, loved and cared by as many as possible.
  3. Send your shared post as a Private Message (PM) to EskwelaOnline together with your name, address and contact number.

One hundred (100) modern Pinoy students whose submitted posts will tally the most likes/loves/cares by July 10 2020 will qualify for the five-day WordPress Course* ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

If you are that modern Pinoy student, then we invite you to boldly take up our offer. Begin your FREE journey towards the “new normal” paradigm with EskwelaOnline!

Best wordpress ecourse with hands on application


*Five-Day WordPress Course requires the following:

  • Desktop or Laptop with minimum specs to seamlessly run internet browsers and online applications
  • Most updated versions of MS Edge, Google Chrome or other internet browsers
  • Stable internet connection
  • Unwavering commitment to complete all course modules
  • Consistent attendance to all online check-up & coaching sessions

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